The Personal Manifesto

Readers shared their manifestos. Let them inspire you.

Personal Manifestos Gallery
The purpose of your personal manifesto isn’t to limit you; it’s to help you focus your time, energy and even money on the areas important to you.

Kathi Lipp

I love God, my family and my people.
I work hard. I rest well. I play well with others.
I love without an *.

Cheri Gregory

I am a daughter of God’s delight.
I’m a Highly Sensitive Person.
I can’t be my best self all by myself.

Emily N.

My first response is grace.
I listen well without making evaluations.
I’m so dearly loved that I can love freely.

Melissa H.

I tell the truth and finish with love. 
Coffee and chats with God happen daily.
I invest in what I believe in.

Shantell B.

I am loved, accepted, & forgiven by God.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
I practice self-care, free from guilt. 

Heather M

I am on Jason’s side. Always.
I  am grateful in all things.
I admit my mistakes & ask forgiveness.

Dawn K.

I am my husband’s dauntless partner.
I breathe graceful empathy.
I value the connection of friendship. 

Sarah S.

I strive to do/eat/drink better for me daily.
I confidently and clearly communicate love.
My empathetic heart is a gift. 

Robyn L.

Complete in Him.
Healer and helper who holds onto hope.

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