1.In childhood photos, I
2.When board games come out at a party, I
3.When it comes to a dreaded project or chore, I
4.When there’s a sudden change of plans, I
5.If I had a day of free time, I would love to
6.When developing a relationship with a new boss (or other authority figure), I
7.When it comes to my clothing choices, I am drawn to
8.If my flight were to be delayed by five hours, I would want to
9.If a stranger were to watch me for a week, she would conclude that I highly value
10.I learn best by
11.If I were to enter a competition and do poorly, the worst part of the entire experience for me would be
12.When learning a new skill, the thing that upsets me the most is
13.The worst part about being sick for me is
14.Behind my back, I’m pretty sure people say that I’m too
15.In school, my response to a group assignment was typically
16.I consider someone a bad driver if he
17.I am likely to find it difficult to respect an authority figure who is
18.My biggest time management issue is
19.An important contribution I make to my friendships and to my family is demonstrating how to
20.If our family were to plan a trip together, they would rely on me for _____ (but then…)
21.Others would describe my walk as
22.When checking in to a hotel,I
23.Of the following, the one I find most distressing is
24.If I were to asked to help plan a friend’s birthday party, I’d want to
25.When my plans don’t turn out the way I’d expected, I’m likely to respond

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